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I perform solo events and with folk/blues trio 'The Crofton Stokers'.

For gigs and events please see my public Facebook page (you don't have to join to see it!)

Wiltshire - Berkshire - Hampshire - Oxfordshire
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Born Too Young

Jonathan Causebrook Born Too Young

Copyright © July 2015 Jonathan Causebrook

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Song list

Odd Sock YouTube Lyrics
Buttered Side Down YouTube Lyrics
The Hat Song YouTube Lyrics
Born Too Young YouTube Lyrics
Indian Summer YouTube Lyrics
Head Cowman YouTube Lyrics
I Don't Wanna Sing The Blues YouTube Lyrics
You Make me Smile YouTube Lyrics

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Jack and the River!

Jonathan Causebrook Jack and the River

Copyright © Septemeber 2013 Jonathan Causebrook

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Song List

Jack and the River YouTube Lyrics
Clare YouTube Lyrics
July 2013 YouTube Lyrics
Unconditionally Yours YouTube Lyrics
The Shed Song YouTube Lyrics
Jack's Letter YouTube Lyrics
Toothache YouTube Lyrics

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Jonathan Causebrook session tunes
Jonathan Causebrook Traditional Songs

Set List

Black Velvet Band
Whiskey in the Jar
Wild Rover
Leaving of Liverpool
All For Me Grog
Whiskey on a Sunday
The Jolly Waggoner
plus loads more ....
Jonathan Causebrook Jolly Waggoners
I started a band called 'The Jolly Waggoners' in 2014. Sadly, we are no longer performing together anymore but here are some photos from some of the gigs.
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